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Hi! I’m Sara and this blog is about me, but for everyone. I am a 37 year old mother, daughter, wife and sister. I have three gorgeous boys who are 10 (going on 15), 9 and 3.  Have you ever had those conversations in your house where you call ‘darling’ and 4 people answer a once? Nicknames all sort of merge into each other and nobody knows who is talking to who. So for the purposes of this blog they boys are called ‘The Bot’, ‘The Bear’ and ‘The Baby’. My husband is my world and in this blog he is ‘My Love’.

I work shifts in a job I retrained for in my 30s. I love my family and I love my job so I am extremely fortunate, but combine parenting, working mum guilt, my son’s diabetes and my own healthy dose of anxiety and depression as well as a worrying dependence on ‘wine o’clock’, I often found the whole thing a bit much! I met someone in my early 20s who told me that once you’d been depressed you would never escape from it. I determined in that instant that that would not be me. Depression and anxiety would not define me and I would find lasting, real, true happiness.

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In April 2018 I finally managed to stop drinking for good. I felt like I couldn’t tell my story before I had overcome this milestone. It seemed like talking about happiness and living life was hypocritical while hiding behind a wine glass.  I also found the joy of Yoga.

This is not a blog about how awful alcohol is, this is a blog about what happens after alcohol and how truly good things can be. It is about rediscovering life. Through my blog you can learn how to quit drinking, how to use yoga and exercise to bring out the best in your day, how take the joy from motherhood and focus less on the stress.

I have come so far since my 20s and especially in the last year. I want to share my findings with you in the hope that they may help someone who needs it at that time. It also allows me to keep exploring as, although I am lightyears away from my depressed days, I am still searching for lasting happiness and peace.

Whether you are a mummy, worried about your drinking, interested in yoga, or none of these things and just interested in all around health and wellbeing, I hope you’ll join me on my journey and on your own.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts here